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The spectacular Stradella Court Mansion in Bel-Air, California comprises approximately 13,000 square feet in 25 rooms of architectural splendor. From the sensational circular limestone staircase, the 32 foot high circular foyer and other high ceilings throughout, the 25′ Tuscan columns, the 5 fireplaces, sweeping views of canyons and downtown Los Angeles, this architectural masterpiece is a cinematographer’s dream. A master of disguise, this great venue has been dressed up as a hotel, a restaurant, a theater, the Oval Office, a villa in the hills of Tuscany, a church and many other settings in the numerous magazine shoots, commercials, videos and feature films in which it has starred. This home has so many views, aspects, balconies and other unique architectural features it can virtually be whatever you need it to be—it has even been a setting for green screen. Additionally, with its five large bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and other rooms that can double as bedrooms, this house is also perfect as the setting for a reality show. The Stradella Court Mansion is not to be missed, it, alone may fulfill all of your filming, event, and vacation rental needs.


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